Performing simple Devi Hawan

This guide presumes you have some familiarity with Hinduism and the Hawan ceremony. The main mantra in this Hawan is the beej mantra of the Devi, however you may use any other Devi or deity mantra followed by "Swaahaa" and the Hawan will be dedicated to that aspect of divinity.




For example if you wanted to do a Ganesh Hawan all you need to do is use a Ganesh mantra in the area where the following mantra appears in this guide (Aum Aing Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicchaay Swaahaa). Same goes for any other deity.


Items for simple personal Devi Hawan
  1. Hawan Kund – (Note: Square Shaped Kund are best as they are Sattvik, Triangular Shaped are considered Rajasik and Round Shaped are considered Tamasik)
  2. One small camphor
  3. Hawan spoon
  4. Googul
  5. Clove
  6. Black till
  7. Cotton
  8. Mango leaf
  9. A small brass jar (Lota) of water
  10. A few flowers
  11. A mango or paan leaf
  12. Incense stick
  13. Aarti
  14. Few grains of rice
  15. Matches
  16. Ghee (about 100 – 250 ml melted) (You can make the offerings using cloves only, or googul only. It depends on what your heart feels comfortable with. For this Hawan Ghee is the chosen offering)
  17. Pieces of sticks as fuel for burning. Preferably (sandal wood, mango, neem or pitch pine sticks). These should be on eye average 1.5 inches thick and 7 inches long, depending on the size of the Hawan Kund.



Preparation steps:

Having taken a bath and worn clean clothes, locate a clean and safe area for performing the Hawan. If you are a kid please seek your parent’s supervision. Place the Hawan kund upon a tile or other safe object /area, since it is fire.


Place a few sticks in the Hawan kund. Place the camphor upon a cotton wool in the middle of the Hawan kund. Place a few more sticks into the Hawan Kund. The more sticks added, the more fire there will be. You only need about four - six sticks.






Prepare a comfortable seat on the floor for yourself. If you are unable to sit on the floor due to illness or so, sit on a chair but ensure the Hawan kund is higher than or on the same level as yourself. When seated you should be facing an easterly or northerly direction.


Arrange the items of Hawan in a Thali or tray for ease of access during the Hawan. You may need to warm the ghee if it is in a solid state. This can be done on the stove top or microwave for a few seconds.


Once you have everything organised, it is time to sit for the hawan.
Begin by sitting silently and peacefully for a minute or so. Breathe slowly in and out eleven times concentrating on the flow of the breath.





Offer invocation by praying to Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, to bless you with the right frame of mind and disposition to carry out the Hawan successfully. You may use any mantra of Ganesh or the simple but powerful Beej mantra as follows about three times. The idea is to connect to the divine energy mentally.

| Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha ||

(NB: All offerings should be done with your right hand unless you are left handed. And where applicable in a CLOCKWISE manner)


Next take the Lota of water in your hand and contemplate on Goddess Ganga, lovingly requesting this form of Shakti to purify you, the items being used and the surroundings.


Having brought the Devi to mind recite the following mantra continually as you sprinkle a few drops of water on yourself, the items being used and around you.

| Aum Shri Ganga Mata Namaha ||


Take the paan leaf and place a few grains of rice on it and hold this in your hand. Now bring to mind the supreme lord as the sacred fire, which purifies, illumines and bestows inner awakening. Pray to the Lord inviting the Bramhan in the form of the Agni Shakti to accept your offerings and sanctify your Hawan.






You may chant the following mantra three times:

| Aum Shri Agni Devaya Namaha ||


Now place the item in your hands before the Hawan kund and bow three times. Having offered the sacred seat to the lord, chant the same Agni mantra above, and light the Hawan.






The fire, having been lit, take a flower or two in your hands and offer them with love whilst chanting.

| Aum Pushpam Samarpayame ||



offer flower



Then take the lota of water and sprinkle a few drops around the fire (Hawan) three times dropping the remaining water from the mango leaf on the paan leaf you placed in front of the Hawan kund whilst chanting the mantra:

Aum Arch-Man-Yam Samarpayame

(Meaning: Lord there is nothing I truly have so I offer these drops of water with love and adoration)


offer aachman



Take some Googul, cloves, black till (sesame seeds) in your hand and pray to the lord for his blessings with love. Offer it into the fire, and bow with your hands three times, touching it to your forehead.






Take the ghee in the HAWAN spoon or a mango leaf, chant the following mantras and make an offering of ghee into the fire just when you are saying “SWAAHAA” in each mantra.

| Aum Gam Ganapataye Swaahaa ||
| Aum Hreem Shreem Kleem Swaahaa ||

| Aum Namah Shivay Swaahaa ||

| Aum Namo Narayanaye Swaahaa ||

| Aum Suryayae Swaahaa ||

| Aum Shri Aginaye Swaahaa ||


ghee offering



Now using the following Devi mantra offer as before the ghee when you are chanting the word Swaahaa. Based on your desire, the amount of time and the amount of ghee you have, you can do this offering a MINIMUM of nine times. If you wish to do more you can do either:

• 27 times
• 108 times
• 1008 times


If you are going to do it 108 times you can use a jaap mala in your left hand to keep count while making the offerings with the right hand.


| Aum Aing Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicchaay Swaahaa ||


With the last bit of ghee offering, chant the mantra:

| Aum Sarva Devi, Sarva Devaya Namaha Swaahaa ||


Now sprinkle as in the beginning, water around the Hawan, offering the water drops on the leaf in front the Hawan. Chanting:


| Aum Achmanyam Samarpayami ||


Bow before the Hawan.


Now light the incense sticks in the fire and wave them before the fire. Place them safely to burn.


insence offering



Take a flower and fan the smoke of the Hawan in an easterly, southerly, northerly, westerly up and down direction. Place the flower on the paan leaf and warm your hands over the fire (don’t burn them) and pass it over your body.


fan hawan



Now perform aarti. Then take a flower in your hand and pray in your own simple humble manner, with all your love to the Goddess, thanking the Purush and Prakriti (Male and female aspects of the lord) for everything in life seeking blessings and grace always.






End the Hawan by chanting any Devi Mantra followed by the ‘Shanti Mantra” as follows:

| Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti ||


Sit in silence for a few minutes focusing on the breathing.


Make sure the Hawan is safe and secure, do not leave the fire unattended.

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