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Durga Divyai Namaha! Namaste and Welcome to Devi Durga. This site is a humble offering at the lotus feet of goddess Durga, the Cosmic Shakti which pervades and sustains our very existence.


Introductions require words and on a topic as eternal as Devi Durga, who existed even before the advent of language, then what can one say? All I can do sitting at the edge of my thoughts is humbly chant Aum HRIM Durga Divyai Namaha.




The ancient vedic texts of Sanaatana Dharma (the eternal way) commonly referred to as Hinduism, clearly state that Bramhan (what we call GOD, the Absolute) radiates in all of existence as:

  • Nirgun (formless without qualities) and
  • Sagun (with form or qualities e.g. earth, fire, water, air, ether)


The Sagun Bramhan can be male/female/or both. In the masculine form (Purush) he is known as Shiva, Vishnu, Bramha and so forth. In the Feminine form (Prakriti) she is DEVI (Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati etc.) Know however, that the sun and its radiance are one and so too is the Nirgun and the Sagun aspects of Bramhan.


To even begin to understand and state the greatness and glory of the divine mother Durga is a challenge. But with an open heart and a humble attitude the great secrets of the Devi can be revealed, propelling us along the path to enlightenment and self realisation.


On this site you will find insightful information on Devi Durga, and her avatar's as Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, Ganga and others. You can download a free eBook with the shlokas of Durga Devi; you can watch videos and chant along the sacred hymns of the Goddesses.


There is an image Gallery and articles relating to Devi maa Durga. The Durga Pooja section provides content on how to make and offer the Durga Dhar, the Navaratri, Nav Durga and other related topics. Many of the stotras, chalisa, mantra's, Kavach and artis are transliterated and available in english translation to make your experience on Devi Durga simply inspiring and divine.


I do hope you enjoy the contents of Devi Durga and please feel free to send any articles, pictures, comments and suggestions as to how the site can be improved to me. You can do this here.





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Makar Sakranti -Jan 14
Vasant Panchami - Feb 04
Maha Shivratri - Feb 27
Holi - Mar 17
Navratri -Mar 31-April 08
Ram Navmi - April 08
Hanuman Jayanti - April 15

Guru Poornima - July 12
Raksha Bandhan - Aug 10
Krshna Janam - Aug 17
Ganesh Chaturthi - Aug 29
Navaratri - Sept 25- Oct 03
Vijay Dashmi - Oct 04
Deepavali - Oct 23

(Please consult your pundit in your country for specific dates)


Visit the Sacred Hymns section for Shlokas, Chalisas, Mantras, Aartis and more Literary works.



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